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How to Choose the Right UK CV Writing Service

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Looking for a new job is one of the most stressful things we can do. It’s a big job which requires a lot of skills, time and patience, particularly in today’s job market and economic climate. Finding work, let alone work which you enjoy, is difficult and competitive, so you really need to stand out from the crowd to get anywhere.
Normally, the first thing an employer sees is your CV. This is a document which outlines your talents and experiences, letting them get some idea of how well you might suit the position you’re applying for. Employers receive dozens, hundreds or even thousands of applications for jobs, so you have to make sure that yours grabs their attention. This is the road to receiving an interview, and whilst it’s not a very pleasant road sometimes, it’s a necessary one.
The Challenge of Creating A Good CV

Not everyone is gifted with great writing skills, and even if you can write, it’s very “British” not to oversell yourself. After all, you don’t want to seem pompous. Getting the right balance between describing your strengths and seeming big-headed is difficult, which is one barrier to writing a CV. Another barrier to writing your own CV is that it’s a weird document. You don’t ever see them except when you’re looking for work or hoping to employ someone, so the rules and regulations of a “good CV” can be quite mysterious. If only there were organisations which help you to write your CV in a way which fulfilled all of those requirements. Well, stop worrying, because you’re in luck!


CV Writing Services

We’ve reviewed a range of the best CV Writing Services available in the UK. These sites will work on your existing CV or create an entirely new one on your behalf, using professional writers. They know what employers are looking for, and some even have specialisations within certain industries, meaning that even professional or obscure occupations are covered.
Before you decide to take a look through our reviews, we have some general advice to share with you. Curriculum Vitae Writing Services (UK) can differ quite substantially in terms of their approach and final product, as well as things like customer care and price. So, here are our top tips for helping you to choose a CV Writing Website:

  • Turnaround Time
    Consider how long you have to produce a CV. If you want to make lots of checks and edits on your writer’s draft, you’ll need more time. If you need a CV to apply for a job with a close deadline, you have to use a service which offers an express option. Some are as quick as just a few hours, whereas other CV writing services won’t be able to complete a fast request.
  • CV Writing Features
    Do you need to include any specialist information in your CV? Perhaps you want to make sure you can include graphics or a particular layout? Some websites might allow you to build online CVs which you can easily send to employers in an email. Others even allow you to create a video CV which allows you to speak directly to employers. If you’re fairly confident with your writing abilities, look for sites which provide guides and templates. However, if you need a lot of support, seek out services which allow you plenty of one-on-one support, with lots of guidance and resources to help.
  • Range of Additional Features / Services Available
    Aside from writing CVs, most of the sites we’ve reviewed will provide a range of other careers services. This might simply be a selection of documents such as cover letters, thank you letters or personal statement writing. Alternatively, you might with to build an online profile page, gain tips on how to perform well in interviews, help with locating suitable work or applying through employment websites. Forums and blogs can be a useful resource for free information, as can sites which offer job bulletin boards.
  • Ease of Use / Navigation
    Although most of the work is taken out of your hands if you use a CV writing service, there may be elements to the site which you wish to explore. For example, videos and guides, forums, blogposts and podcasts. We consider the resources available and how the site provides these to its visitors. Ease of use is particularly important if you find a website which allows you to edit your own CV, since a clumsy system will cause issues in the long run.
  • Ease of Joining / Registration
    Most of the sites we’ve reviewed will require minimum registration. However, some of them will ask for an existing CV to get started, and others will offer a free analysis of your CV to help you understand how they can help. Some sites request information such as a telephone number so that you can have an interview with them. If you’d like to have an interview with a member of staff in order to better understand your needs, it’s important to look out for a site which offers this. Skype and email are also alternatives that are offered so that you can pass on your requirements.
  • Customer Support
    It’s usually the case that your writer will take your information and produce a draft version of your CV. The best sites will then allow you to suggest changes, edit the document and assess whether it is suitable. This is really important if you spot something you wish to change, and poor customer service means that you may not be able to make those changes, or you may incur a fee for doing so. We also consider the range of resources available and the aftercare support you receive. Many of the CV writing websites we’ve reviewed will provide customer testimonials, which is a good way to get a sense of how happy previous customers have been with the services provided.
  • Value for Money
    The cost of having a CV written can vary dramatically. Some sites are very affordable, whilst others are really quite expensive. The main deciding factor in price is the amount of one-on-one time you get with your writer. Therefore, if you’re strapped for cash you may wish to seek a service which keeps prices low but requires more input on your part. If you have plenty of money, you can splash out on videos, online profiles, a range of cover letters and more. It’s worth contacting the sales teams to discuss potential savings you can make, as several sites offer package deals if you purchase multiple documents through them.

The Bottom Line

That’s everything we have to suggest for now, so why not check out our reviews and decide which CV Writing Service might best suit your needs? Good luck in the new job!